Sagitter Training is the European market leader for the educational tourism business, specializing in organizing and managing work experience, PON, Alternanza Scuola Lavoro (work & study) and Erasmus+ programmes.

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Together with secondary schools and colleges, universities, tour operators and training organizations, we have organized over 200 EU projects such as PON (C1 and C5), Alternanza Scuola Lavoro (work and study) and other European training schemes in the following fields:

  • hospitality

  • catering

  • administration

  • marketing

  • …and many more!

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Why choose Sagitter Training?

With over 200 completed projects under its belt, Sagitter Training provides schools, students and training organizations with comprehensive 360° support.

Our staff and team of European programme-planning experts support the teaching and administrative staff every step of the way from the initial preparation of the documentation required by current legislation. We also study each student’s CV and conduct preliminary interviews to find the best suitable work placement.

Our range of services and assistance supports students before and during their stay, to ensure that they achieve their goal.

Sagitter Training is the only company to be certified by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK.

Our services

Work experience in companies

Accommodation (hotels, family homes, etc.)

Provision of meals

Workshops and company visits

Management of groups

Meet&Greet and transfers

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“My time in London has been very positive. Useful for a future approach to the world of work because in London there are many job opportunities. This experience was quite short but it taught me to be more sociable. The services of Sagitter Training were well organized. I would definitely repeat the London experience”, Monica Elena Buga.

“London was an unforgettable journey for me: I had a lot of fun and finally I joined a staff that really trusted me and that helped me to grow in every aspect. The Sagitter Training team has always been fantastic during the whole period and the trip has been perfectly organized”, Giulia Verzini.

“My experience in London was really beautiful and useful as I faced a new reality compared to what I was used to live in my small village in Italy. The trip has taught me to have relations with people of different languages ​​and cultures. I would repeat this experience without a doubt. I hope to return to London soon again!”, Andrea Calò.

“My experience in London was fantastic, I met people who opened my eyes and introduced me to a new world. I definitely understood that we should not stop at the first difficulty. The service offered by Sagitter Training was impeccable and if I could, I would started again today to repeat this experience”, Bianca Pia Agricola.

“My experience in London has been beautiful and interesting, both for the world of work and for life experience!  This experience will certainly be useful when I look for a job in the future. I have improved my English a lot, as daily I had to speak English in my family. Sagitter Training  was very efficient, without them we would not have been able to leave as they organized everything”, Salvatore D’Alessandro.

“The experience in London went very well: both at work and in the family. I had the opportunity to increase my language and my working skills. Sagitter Training team was always available, and they have been a great support. I would immediately repeat the trip”, Greta Romanato.

“My experience in London has been really exciting. The family that has hosted me and my friends has always been kind. I had a very great experience doing the internship at the restaurant, I found this experience essential for my future career. Sagitter Training was very professional”, Elena De Scolari.