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Erasmus Plus training and partnership

We have been organising Erasmus Plus training and internships in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe since 2014, as a partner in loco for Erasmus Plus training KA1 and KA2 (Key Action 1 and Key Action 2) both in London and other prestigious European cities.

Born in 1987, the Erasmus Plus programme is one of the most coveted opportunities by students and teachers, as it offers a lot of professional chances and perspectives. By taking part to an Erasmus Plus training course, a college student can study in a foreign university for a certain timeframe according to a convention negotiated among all the countries that are part of it. This study period is legally recognised and represents one of the most important things to list on someone’s CV.

One of the advantages of taking part to an Erasmus Plus training course is the chance of learning or improving the knowledge of one or more foreign languages, which is absolutely one of the most relevant and wanted elements by recruiters all over the world, but it is mainly getting in touch with a different culture and different study and working methods that the chances of taking your own career to a more advanced level multiply. An open mind, a good level of problem solving, and a good resilience towards new situations make the Erasmus Plus student the perfect candidate for any professional career, without even mentioning the chance of building solid relationships with colleagues and teachers in another countries, with all the advtanges that they take.

What we do at Sagitter Training

Organising an Erasmus Plus training course takes a lot of time and energy that you may not have at your disposal, even though you know this kind of experience should be carefully planned and nothing should be left to the chance. Here is when Sagitter Training comes into play.

We take care, in fact, of organising these experiences under every aspect: journey, accommodation, and bureaucracy. Our large partners network allows us to help organisers of Erasmus Plus projects who are looking for partners all over the EU: from France to Ireland, and also Spain, Italy, Germany, and many more countries.

Erasmus Plus training

Trust us!

The Sagitter Training staff and its team of experts will guide you through every stage involved in designing the programme and preparing the documentation required by current legislation.

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